What is the NRA (National Rifle Association)?

The NRA (National Rifle Association) is regarded to be an American non-profit organization which advocates gun rights. This group was established in 1871 and informed its members since 1934, pertaining to firearm related legislation. From 1975 it has lobbied directly against and for legislation.

About NRA

The NRA was established to make advancements in rifle marksmanship. Firearm competency and safety is taught by the modern NRA. This organization sponsors several competitive marksmanship events and publishes magazines. Members according to the officials at NRA have surpassed the 5 million mark in May 2013.

NRA according to the lawmakers and observers is among the top 3 highly influential lobbying groups active in Washington DC. Its lobbying arm is the NRA-ILA (NRA Inst. for Legislative Action). Its PAC (Political action committee) is managed by this wing. This organization is also known to have influenced legislations throughout its long history, initiated or participated in lawsuits and opposed or endorsed different candidates at federal, state and local levels.

Some crucial details

The founder of this organization is George Wood Wingate and William Conant Church with its focus on gun rights and gun politics within the US. It is located in Fairfax, Virginia, US. The current key people in this organization are Pete Brownell, the President, Wayne LaPierre, the Executive Vice-President, Chris W Cox, the Chief Lobbyist and Dana Loesch, the national spokesperson.

The subsidiaries of this organization are Political-Victory Fund, NRA Inst. for Legislative Action, Freedom Action Foundation, Special Contribution Fund, NRA Foundation and Civil Rights Defence Fund.


It owns National Firearms Museum located in Fairfax, Virginia and features exhibits on American firearms history and evolution. The National Sport Arms Museum in August 2013 had opened up huge Bass Pro Shop retail store at Springfield, Missouri. This museum displays over 1,000 firearms, which also includes those firearms that are historically significant. Numerous periodicals are published by the NRA, which also includes American Rifleman cover gun cleaning kits and more.

It also sponsors different types of programs pertaining to firearm safety for adults and children. Even a program has been introduced for school age children, named the ‘Eddie Eagle’. It trains firearm instructors and issues credentials.

It also hosts the National Pistol and Rifle Matches at Camp-Perry. Such events have been regarded to be world competitive shooting series. The NRA also maintains proper ties with the other organizations like 4H and the American Boy Scouts. Working along with the Civil Liberties Union of America, it has been opposing gun registration.

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