Is Taxation Legal?

When we ask this question, it is specifically targeted at income tax. There are quite a few people in the US who claim that taxing your income is not legal. Some even claim that what you earn as income is not income at all. It is just the price you are paid in exchange for your labor. There are many arguments about the validity of collecting income tax.

There are many who say that the ratification the Sixteenth Amendment was not done properly or even if it was ratified it doesn’t affect your income. There are even those who argue that the construction of sentences for the law in different states are different and so they need not pay income tax.

However, the collection of income tax in the US is perfectly constitutional. The legality of the income tax has been confirmed by various courts in the country on several occasions. That being so, we will just see what those who argue against the income tax have to say as their justification.

Let us start from the most frivolous ones. We will only see the protestors’ arguments. You and I know these are not right and hence disproved many times.

The United States Doesn’t Include The States

These people argue that the US consists only of District of Columbia, other federal territories, military bases and Native American reservations. Anyone outside this, according to them, are not residents of US but only residents of the state they live in.

The US Dollar Is Not Income

The arguments put forth by these protestors is that the green colored US Dollar is not legal currency at all. That is because these cannot be exchanged for gold and silver. They cite the Article 1 Section 10 which limits legal currency to gold and silver.

Taxation Is Slavery

Payment of income tax is mandatory and not voluntary. Anything compulsory is slavery. As slavery has been abolished in the US taxation is illegal.

Income Tax Is Voluntary

This is another argument by some people. They say that the form itself says it is voluntary to fill the form.

It Is Taking Away Property

This set of people say the tax is taking away property without consent which is prohibited by 5th Amendment of Constitution.

It may be noted all the above arguments have been struck down by the courts many times and it has ruled that the payment of income tax is legal and compulsory.

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