Best way to protect your family

When you have people in your life whom you love the most, you want to protect them just in case anything happens to you and provide for them now and into the future. You want to ensure your loved ones are protected in every way – financially, mentally as well as physically. However, in this new age protecting them digitally has become imperative too.

The best way protect your family financially is through prudent investing and life insurance. Insurance for you, for your spouse, for your kids or for your retirement. The life insurance will ensure your family will be able to live comfortably even after your death. When it comes to protecting your family, you cannot be too careless, and there are multiple ways in which you can protect your family.

One can protect the confidential data of the family. It is important that the whole family be on board with this privacy best practices because your data is only as strong as the weakest link. Use strict privacy settings in apps and on websites. For an added layer of protection, enable two-factor authentication on apps and sites (like Gmail, Facebook or Instagram) when available. This will help protect your accounts from hackers by sending a code to your phone when you log in from an unfamiliar device.

  • Beware of phishing scams.
  • Do not open emails, texts, online “security” alerts, text notifications, or other things from anyone you do not know, do not recognize, or were not expecting.
  • Buy and download antivirus software.
  • Install a video doorbell.
  • Do not use unsecure Wi-Fi networks. Make sure any Wi-Fi you connect to have the little lock sign next to it and requires a password.
  • Turn off location services.
  • Do not let apps share data.
  • When you download a social app, it will ask if it can access information stored on your phones, such as your contacts, photos, music, and calendar. Say no. If the app will not work without this data, consider whether you can share some of what it is requesting but not all.
  • Be careful with social logins.When you log onto a site or app with your Facebook or Google username and password, you may be agreeing to share certain information from your profile.
  • Read the fine print to know what you are sharing, and edit if possible.
  • Cover your cameras.
  • Do regular privacy checks.
  • Use tough passwords and change them frequently.

These were some of the tips presented on what you can do to protect yourself and your family.

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