A Journey Through the Safest American States To Live In

There can be nothing more awe striking and nightmarish than to live in a dreadful state where criminal activities, safety threats, federal instability, mob violation etc, pose definite safety threat. Living in a safe and sound state is desired by everyone and this the reason which has compelled many surveyors to conduct valuable surveys of the states of US and find out the most reliable and safest American states to live in.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire as per its violent crime records and property crime records is considered to be one of the safest American states to live in. Moreover, the area above the New York state happens to be one of the safest zones in entire United States.

According to the records of the last reporting year of survey, only 17 murders were reported in the entire state for the recorded year, which is not only astoundingly low but also reveals the level of peace and safety throughout the state compared to California where the number f murders reported were approximately 10 times higher.


Maine is a serene place not only for its cool and chilling climatic conditions but also because the nominal scales of violent activities. There is hardly much crime reported in Maine as per the records of last few years and as per the records there was less than approximately .001238 violent crimes per capita in the last recorded year. A similarity of the crime proportion can be found with Alaska where violent crimes that were reported estimated to be somewhere around .008402.


Though there might not be much scope for thrilling activities, fun-filled lifestyle in Idaho, but when you are concerned about safest American states to live in, it is certainly one that needs to be named. The entire state witnessed only 3 murders in a month, while the record of burglaries reveal only 125 activities per week in the entire state, which is commendably low compared to other states in America.

Apart from these there are many other states in United States which needs to be listed when it being discussed about the safest American states to live in. Virginia, Vermont, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island are some of the prominent states in America which stood the test of time and have persistently reported low crime activities compared to other states. Therefore, when you are planning for a settlement in America you can obviously choose your settlement according to the safety records of the state.

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